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The wealth of a country is often found in its traditions, and among them are musical traditions. Both the dances, the songs, and the popular festivities undoubtedly contribute to making the cultural forms of our country known.

Francesc Sans Sastre, die maker, fitter and draughtsman as his first trades, began to experiment in the world of musical instrument construction at the end of 1987.
It was in 1989 when he strengthened his trade as a luthier when his instruments were recognized by the best traditional musicians of the moment. In 2016 he was awarded the Master Craftsman diploma by the Generalitat de Catalunya for his career and professional experience for more than 25 years in the sector.
Due to Francesc Sans' professional experience as a performer and luthier, the instruments continue to be constantly improved and perfected to meet the needs of professional and amateur musicians.
We work with selected high quality woods and preferably with Mediterranean woods. In this way, we achieve that all instruments have a full range of natural, clear and powerful sounds. Each instrument is unique and with the precise adjustment of the master.